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Drip By Sammy J Macro-Based Meal Plans are specifically designed to go hand in hand with Drip Workouts.


All of our meal plans were made with our clients in mind. We based our macro percentages based off the energy expended during a Drip Workout. We know that certain workouts utilize some energy sources more than others. We used this information to build Macro-Based meal plans to optimize energy output during workouts and improve recovery. 


Portion and calories targets are based off the average amount of calories burned by Drip Members. We took into consideration your Drip workouts and the average calories burned by Drip Members allowing us to design these result-driven meal plans.


Each 4 Week Meal Plan includes:

  • 3 Options:

    • Weight Loss

    • Weight Maintenance

    • Weight Gain

  • Grocery List

  • Recipes

  • Tips & Tricks

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