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You've earned it


Hook yourself up with bands and so much more. If you have bought, or have access, to the Band Challenge then this is for you! Throughout the Band Challenge and many of the Drip workouts you will utilize Hip Bands (2"), Booty Bands (3") and Rubber Resistance Loop (41")

One of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can own. Honestly, any program you try can benefit from adding some kettlebells to it. But if you are doing the Kettlebell Challenge than I strongly suggest you check this out!

Ready to take your trianing to the next level?! That's what I thought. There's a reason I've done a giveaway with TerraCore before. People try it and FALL IN LOVE! This is great for those of you trying the TerraCore Challenge or a Drip 2&3 Carat member

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