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Sweat With Us & Get Diamond Cut

Ready to Drip? Follow the program that put Drip on the map! Sessions alternate between Weightlifting Strength days and HIIT Cardio days with an aim to burn fat and build muscle.

This program was built by an elite athlete and designed for the athlete in YOU!

Drip is designed to optimize results by following a structured program vs randomized workouts.

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Looking to improve strength, increase speed, enhance jumping abilities, and develop your overall athletic abilities? Then Sammy Jo's Sports Performance Training is for you.


She combines her bachelors in Health & Human Performance with her experience competing as an Elite Track and Field Athlete  to specifically curate a program to each athlete depending on their needs and goals.

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Train Anytime, Anywhere with the Drip Online Training App. 

Choose to follow any of the programs or challenges and watch the results start to show. 

Online training comes with video demonstration of exercises, a self timing system, progress tracking, and message access to coach Sammy Jo.

Programs vary from strength weightlifting to at-home bodyweight versions. 

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