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This is one of the most inclusive & transformative programs Sammy Jo has to offer. This challenge pairs High Intensity workouts with a Macro-Based Meal Plan to optimize your fitness results. 


For this transformative challenge you should expect to carve out 1-1.5 hours a day. This will allow you to complete your warm-up, workout, and recovery. It is also suggested to set aside an extra 2-4 hours before each week to grocery shop and meal prep.


For the workouts you will need access to a gym with standard equipment such as a squat rack, dumbbells, ketllebells, treadmills, trap bar, bike, etc. You will also need access to a hill or some other incline (parking garage ramps work great) for one day each week.


After purchasing this challenge you will recieve a waiver to sign, and email asking you to download the training app. You will also recieve an email with the meal plan you selected at checkout.


Challenge will start the Monday AFTER purchase and go for 4 weeks.


  • There will be no refund or returns on this purchase.

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