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After just 4 weeks of following a program and macro-based meal plan

Snatched Small Group Training

Get Ready to

Join one of two Drip Programs and start seeing results in as little as 2 weeks. 


Follow the Drip or Snatched program both lead by Coach Sammy Jo, retired elite athlete with a B.S. in Health & Human Performance

Pick the Program Best for You

Pick the program you want to follow, go to the last column and click the time and session quantity. You will be redirected to that checkout page



Try the original Drip program!

Drip workouts are built by an elite athlete, designed for the athlete in you.


This isn't your average small group session. Drip is designed to optimize results by following a structured program vs randomized workouts.


Sessions alternate between Weightlifting Strength days and HIIT Cardio days with an aim to burn fat and build muscle.

Sessions are offered Tuesday - Friday 5:15-6am with an option to compete 15 minutes extra cardio (given by Sammy Jo) before or after session.

Only 6 clients/session

IMG_4760 2.jpg


Cinch that waist and build a booty!

Designed to build the booty, shred fat, tone arms, develop a strong core, and create an overall lean SNATCHED look.


Clients follow a structured program vs. randomized workouts to optimize results.


Sessions will last 45 minutes with an option to stay for 15 minutes after and get extra solo work in (given to you by Sammy Jo) and to stretch.


This program will be held Tuesday - Friday from 6-6:45am or 6:45-7:30am.


 Only 4 clients/session


Pick your Program

Programs offered Tuesday - Friday. Clients can pick to come 2, 3, or 4x/week. All clients coming 4x/week will also get access to Booty Burnout (when held) for free.

Drip 5:15am (2x/wk)

Drip 5:15am (3x/wk)

Drip 5:15am (4x/wk)

Snatched 6:00am (2x/wk)

Snatched 6:00am (3x/wk)

Snatched 6:00am (4x/wk)

Snatched 6:45am (2x/wk)

Snatched 6:45am (3x/wk)

Snatched 6:45am (4x/wk)

Pricing: $35/session + $40/mo. gym membership. Clients training 3-4x/week have discounted gym membership fee from session pricing. 

Clients get 2 weeks to freeze sessions/year. Clients must give a 3 week notice if they wish to stop training 

Client Results

snatched results _edited.jpg
Lean Results_edited.jpg

Get in Touch

Gym Location: 5 Star Fitness

2012 N Scottsdale Rd.

Scottsdale, AZ 85257

located behind Dutch Bros


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