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Try the original Drip program!​

Drip workouts are built by an elite athlete, designed for the athlete in you.


This isn't your average small group session. Drip is designed to optimize results by following a structured program vs randomized workouts.


Sessions alternate between Weightlifting Strength days and HIIT Cardio days with an aim to burn fat and build muscle.

Sessions are offered Tuesday - Friday 5:15-6am with an option to compete 15 minutes extra cardio (given by Sammy Jo) before or after session.


This program will be held Tuesday - Friday. Only 6 clients/session


Payments will be run on a weekly cycle and continue until membership is cancelled. Please see Terms & Conditions and Cancellation for more information

Drip Small Group (3x/Week)

Price Options
Snatched (3x)
$96.00every week until canceled
  • Clients agree to pay $96/week ($32/session) + $40 monthly gym membership. 


    Clients will also have an option to attend Booty Burnout (when held) for 50%  discount. 


    Clients will also be able to freeze sessions for 2 weeks/year.

  • Clients must provide Sammy Jo with a 21 written notice before cancelling. 

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