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Snatched Small Group Training program is designed to build the booty, shred fat, tone arms, develop a strong core, and create an overall lean SNATCHED look.


Sessions will last 45 minutes with an option to stay for 15 minutes after and get extra solo work in (given to you by Sammy Jo) and to stretch.


This program will be held Tuesday - Friday. Only 4 clients/session


Payments will be run on a weekly cycle and continue until membership is cancelled. Please see Terms & Conditions and Cancellation for more information

Snatched 7:30am (3x/Week)

Price Options
Snatched (3x)
$96.00every week until canceled
  • Clients agree to pay $96/week ($32/session) + $40 monthly gym membership. 


    Clients will also have an option to attend Booty Burnout (when held) for 50%  discount. 


    Clients will also be able to freeze sessions for 2 weeks/year.

  • Clients must provide Sammy Jo with a 21 written notice before cancelling. 

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